CamBino(Italian) means “To Change”. Our mission is to change to the face of the current trendy, over saturated styles of today's fashions. We are inspired by classic, artistic elements of pop culture/art, and the diverse beauty of different cultures. We take these concepts and merge them with new, fresh ideas to create our own signature look! ..A little bit of Charm, a splash of Romance, the occasional Rebel, and of course the classic "Cool".
"The Classic"....Created for the Perfect Gentleman. CamBino is crafted for one with a polished, alluring presence. Classy, intelligent, charming, confident, and adaptable to any occasion. Equal parts Style, Equal parts Substance... CamBino is always ready to display the perfect presentation.
"A Fantasy Girl, for your Fantasy World"....Elegance and Beauty best describes Dollface. She embodies the Strong, Independent, Ambitious Woman. Classical Beauty & Brains personified. Any man should be so lucky to grace her presence.... Eat your heart out Fellas!
"The Chief"....A Brave, Bold soul. Cold Chill is truly meant for the spotlight. Energetic and Passionate. A Wild, Free spirit that loves to enjoy life and all of the pleasures it offers! Always an ejoyable experience with this one. Adverturous Days and Wild Nights are definitely on the agenda!
"The Rebel"....You hate him, but you love him though. Come along for the thrill ride and add a little Pain with your Pleasure. A complicated, but mysterious one. Ace lives by his own code and can't be tied down. A fiery wind of emotional Wounds & Roses, but unforgettable memories everytime this guy comes around. Maybe he loves you, maybe not? Either way, you can't get enough of your favorite addiction.